CBD For Women, a Movement

By Ash Pavesio

Xula is a Mexico-city-based powerhouse in the world of wellness. Founded by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Karina Primelles, everything about this brand is thoughtful and intentional. You might know Mennlay as the author of The Art of Weed Butter which came out in 2019. Known to the cannabis community as our favorite weed auntie, she and Karina approach plant medicine with respect and understanding. The brand focuses on education, representation, and access – which makes it a no-brainer when you hold it up next to another tincture on the market.

Karina has said, “It is evident that we live in a world that promotes and rewards stress-filled lifestyles and I truly believe that CBD as well as herbs can act as a countering force to this-helping us find more inner balance.” Who can say they aren’t in a constant state of trying to find balance? But what about Xula products can help with balance?

Why is it important to focus on CBD for women, specifically?

In a male-dominated space, it’s refreshing to see a hemp brand offer CBD for women, whose aim is to help women through all stages of life. It is rare to meet a woman that doesn’t have issues with their hormones and cycles so, Xula decided to formulate products that would address the most common side effects of hormonal changes in women. They recently came out with a new line that should effectively follow you from puberty through menopause and beyond.

These products do not contain enough THC to be psychotropic and are therefore legal to ship across state lines. They are fully hemp CBD and have certificates of analysis to prove their test results.

Hormone Balancing Products in CBD for Women

Uff! Is Phase 1, also known as Happy Period. With additional herbs like passionflower and motherwort that are sedative and antispasmodic – it’s the perfect blend for cramps, backaches, and digestive changes that occur in that phase of your cycle. All include lemon and ginger oil to help with the polarizing taste of hemp! Uff! is the product I have been using for over a year now to help with painful periods! Once I can feel my monthly hormonal shift, I take this twice daily (sometimes three, on a particularly bad day) and find some much-needed relief. As someone who suffers from chronic back pain, I actually use this formula daily outside of my cycle as well – and I can definitely feel the difference when I forget to take it!

Mhm! Is Phase 2, also known as Happy Hormones. This formula contains turmeric root which is anti-inflammatory and carminative (which means it relieves bloating & flatulence) – essential to have in the few days post-period. Linden flowers support the nervous system and soothe tissues for help with any pain you might be left reeling from. This one, I’m excited to try this one! They recently changed the formula slightly to increase the amount of CBD.

Whew! Is Phase 3, also known as Moon-a-Pause. My mother has been taking this formula for over a year as well to help with peri-menopausal symptoms. Their formula features seven active botanicals that help your body’s natural processes of cooling and moistening. Schizandra Root is adaptogenic (helps the body adapt to stress) and aphrodisiac. My mom experiences a noticeable difference when she’s consistently taking this tincture and says it helps her feel more like herself.

Whether you identify as a woman or not, if you suffer from headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, back pain, shoulder pain, muscular spasms, or sleeplessness on a regular basis- these products are worth trying! CBD for women doesn’t mean only women or only menstrual issues. Stop in and pick up a bottle or head to our online site to get it shipped nationwide!

Grab some Xula now!