Recess CBD Drinks For The Win

I usually find myself drinking some kind of seltzer, be it a Bubly, La Croix, or even a White Claw. I recently found out that I have a slight allergy to Gluten so it’s really restricted my recreational beverage options (insert sad face here).

Thankfully, many industries have caught the seltzer wave and are producing quality products, such as Recess CBD. I’ve started to explore options for THC and CBD drinks since I’ve decided to cut back on my alcohol consumption. I’m not looking to quit entirely but I have found that different occasions can be enhanced and improved based on what I consume.

Using CBD instead of alcohol

In most cases, alcohol has started making me feel fatigued or just outright sleepy so I’ve started to lose interest in drinking at parties and events. I had a Recess CBD drink over Halloween weekend at a party and it was a great vibe. The night was just starting out and I wanted to pace myself but consume something to help with my social anxiety while making sure I don’t get too high and store myself in a corner being weird and antisocial. Nobody likes that guy!

Rather than going for anything with alcohol in it and risking catching too intense of a buzz, saying something stupid early on, and riding that anxiety wave all night, I decided to have one of The Other Path’s Recess CBD drinks first. This was a good choice for me and it allowed for a relaxed but mentally present vibe. I was able to strike up a conversation and stay engaged while getting to ease into relaxing and maintaining control. The flavor on this was pretty chill. A mix of tart and carbonation made it a good sipping drink and spared me a ton of excess sugar content I might’ve gotten from a sweeter beverage.

When CBD (and zero added sugars) is the better option

I myself always find sugary/syrupy soda-type drinks are too heavy after one or two giving them very limited enjoyment in a single session. While I didn’t get to experiment, I do believe these could also act as great mixers since they are such basic components that can complement a variety of flavor combinations. Thankfully they are pretty great on their own regardless.

Another thing that I personally enjoy and have experienced from Recess CBD drinks is the fact that it tempers any kind of THC-related high I might have. I, like most people, have accidentally gotten too high which can lead to anxiety, paranoia, and other uncomfortable feelings.

Thankfully in most cases, CBD can help temper the effects of the high and keep anxiety and paranoia down while still getting to enjoy the relaxing and elevating effects of the THC. I find in most cases consuming both creates a perfect and controlled high. Another perk to using Recess CBD drinks is that because it is a liquid and not a gummy or some other solid edible, it takes less time to break down and take effect.

The many flavors of Recess CBD drinks

They have a huge slew of flavors to choose from, including blood orange, peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus, black cherry, coconut lime, blackberry chai, raspberry lemon mood, lime citrus mood, and grapefruit tangerine mood. I plan to try every single one!

All in all, I’d say if you’re going out to an event or even at home just trying to unwind, Recess CBD drinks are a great start and complement any situation. Order online for nationwide shipping, or pickup at our local store right here in Los Angeles!