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What Is a CBD Tincture? How Is It Different from CBD Oil?

CBD seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Today’s users can enjoy a variety of CBD products, with one of them being tinctures. However, since CBD tincture and oil packaging can look alike, some consumers may believe that the two products are similar.

To help you distinguish between the two, we will tell you everything you need to know about CBD tinctures and how they differ from CBD oil.

What Is a CBD Tincture?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the hundreds of compounds you can find in a hemp or marijuana plant. CBD, unlike THC, the more well-known cannabis compound, is not psychoactive, which means that it won’t get you high. Today, the compound comes in various forms, including oils, edibles, lotions, and tinctures.

Tinctures are alcohol-based CBD extracts. Manufactures steep the cannabis flower in high-proof grain alcohol and then apply low heat to allow the active compounds to fuse with the neutral spirit to produce it. The process leaves behind a concentrated liquid that creates cannabinoid effects without smoking or any form of combustion.

While tinctures often have a shelf life of up to five years, they tend to taste very bitter. As a solution to this, manufacturers will often mix additives like flavoring, sweeteners, vegetable glycerin, or other complementary ingredients to improve the taste.

Other companies might add herbal extracts, vitamins, or other supplements like melatonin, depending on the intention to use the tincture.

How Do CBD Tinctures Differ from CBD Oils?

Though many people use CBD oil and CBD tinctures interchangeably, they are not the same product. There are several differences between CBD tinctures and oils.

One difference is in their extraction methods. Tinctures come from steeping a hemp plant in either alcohol or a plant-based oil to extract the cannabinoid from the plant. On the other hand, CBD oil extraction is different: manufactures add the extract to an oil carrier agent, such as sesame oil, olive oil, or coconut-derived MCT oil.

The products also differ in terms of their CBD concentration levels and method of consumption.

Types of CBD Tinctures

one tincture on the front and other tinctures on the back

Similar to other CBD products, tinctures typically come in three basic types. These three types are:

  •       Full-spectrum Tinctures: This type contains all the cannabis plant’s components, including traces amounts of terpenes and THC.
  •       Broad-spectrum Tinctures: The only difference between this and full-spectrum CBD tinctures is the absence of THC. Instead, they contain other cannabinoids like terpenes, cannabinol, and cannabigerol.
  •       Isolates: These tinctures only contain CBD and are the purest form of tinctures available.

What Are the Different Uses of Tinctures?

People use tinctures for various reasons, ranging from general wellness to treating specific health conditions.

According to a recent survey, people used CBD tinctures for depression, pain, anxiety, and other common conditions. Other users claimed that the product helped them with seizures, insomnia, arthritis, migraines, and inflammatory diseases.

Although more and more users report health benefits from CBD tinctures, scientific research focusing specifically on tinctures is still limited. Currently, the majority of research focuses on CBD’s medical and therapeutic potentials in general. While the research is still in its early stages, preliminary results appear promising.

There is already an FDA-approved CBD-derived drug in use to treat rare forms of seizures in children. Additional research suggests that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties and might help cancer and arthritis patients.

As exciting as this sounds, we need to do more research before fully understanding the potential of tinctures and CBD, in general, and treating medical conditions.

How to Take CBD Tinctures

Adding Them to Food or Drink

Some users might incorporate tinctures into their diet by mixing a dose of tincture into their food, like soups, for instance. Other users mix tinctures into their beverages, such as tea or coffee. For example, one popular way to consume tinctures is to incorporate a small dose into a cup of chamomile tea.

While swallowing the tincture on its own will slow down how soon you feel its effects, taking it with a drink or high-fat food, like eggs, could speed up the process.

Applying It under the Tongue

If you prefer, you can consume tinctures by applying them underneath your tongue. According to research, this method makes the cannabinoids contained in the tincture more consistent and readily absorbed into your body.

Applying the tincture under your tongue allows the blood vessels in your muscles to absorb most of the tincture, making the product work quicker. Those who use this method can expect to feel its effects within fifteen minutes to one hour. The feeling usually lasts for up to eight hours.

Should you choose to use this method, keep the tincture under your tongue for between ninety seconds and two minutes for the product to release its maximum effect.

Knowing the Right Dose

Since tinctures are highly concentrated, you should take them in small doses. Tincture bottles come with built-in droppers that enable users to take the product in small, accurately measured quantities.

It is essential to pay attention to the amount of tincture you fill into the dropper. Most experts recommend starting with anywhere between two and five milligrams. The exact dosage will depend on your intended use of the tincture.

We recommend that you start slowly and with a low dose, then gradually increase the dosage according to how long or intense you want the effects to last.

Are Tinctures Safe?

a doctor prescribing medicine and cbd products

There is a chance that tinctures can interact with certain supplements and prescription medications, especially if you take them in high doses. Users have also reported experiencing side effects like dry mouth, changes in appetite and weight, and fatigue.

A 2020 study found that consuming CBD products orally alongside high-fat foods is the best practice. High-fat meals dramatically increase CBD concentration in the blood, which increases the chances of experiencing some of the above side effects.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough research highlighting the long-term usage effects of tinctures.

That said, CBD tinctures are generally safe as long as you use quality products from reputable sources. Also, we recommend speaking to your doctor before trying tinctures. You should consult with your physician to advise if the CBD interacts with your other medications or health conditions.

How to Find a Quality CBD Tincture?

With the increased popularity of CBD products, it isn’t difficult to get your hands on tinctures. For instance, you can get them at some drugstores and mall kiosks. Although tinctures are becoming more widely available, that doesn’t mean that the products are all safe.

Unlike supplements and prescription drugs, the FDA does not regulate CBD products in the same way. You must exercise caution when shopping around for CBD tinctures and only purchase products from reputable retailers.

The first step is to look for a reputable CBD company that offers comprehensive and current certificates of analysis (COA) with all its products. Ensure that the COA is not more than a year old and that it lists:

  • Product Potency: The amount of CBD listed on the Certificate of Analysis should match or closely resemble the amount listed on the label. If the amount is off by more than 10 or 20 percent, you should look for a different company.
  • Contaminants: The certificate should show that the company tested the tincture for various contaminants like molds, pesticides, and heavy metals.
  • Cannabinoid Profile: The Certificate of Analysis should also indicate whether the tincture is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or an isolate.

Also, look for a company that is forthcoming about its hemp sources and manufacturing process. Finally, consider the company’s reputation and whether it has received any complaints or FDA warning letters in the past.

In Conclusion

While CBD oils are the more popular product in the market right now, tinctures offer you the same CBD benefits you have come to enjoy with the oils. Deciding which product to purchase all comes down to your tastes and preferences.

However, whichever product you ultimately choose, make sure you shop wisely and purchase from a reputable and trusted source. Adhere to the guide above, and be sure to ask companies to present their Certificate of Analysis.

Choose The Other Path

If you’re looking for a trusted source for all of your CBD needs, turn to The Other Path. We offer legal hemp and full-spectrum CBD products aimed at providing you with holistic healing.

All our vetted and laboratory-tested products come with certified test results. These results help us to ensure that our customers get the very best, high-end products. We also partner with other reputable brands and, together, we are committed to guaranteeing that our products are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

On top of that, we offer incredible customer support and extensive education, both within our community and through individual interactions. We help people learn about the differences between CBD, THC, CBG, and other cannabinoids.

Browse through our wide range of products today or contact us at (818) 825-2739 for any questions about our catalog or CBD in general.

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