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While Hemp and its psychoactive cousin cannabis are part of the same genus of plant (Cannabis Sativa L) hemp boasts a unique phytochemical makeup which allows a lower production of particular cannabinoids (specifically the one that gets you high!)

So why would you choose hemp over cannabis?

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Now in the same regard why would you choose cannabis over hemp?

There have been some misconceptions about hemp surrounding its efficacy, quality and whether it’s even safe to consume (it is!) Where a lot of this misinformation stems from lies in the phyto-remedial properties of hemp and the testing regulations that are required before sale. Previously hemp had a bit of a bad rep due to it being sourced from out of the country or being cultivated in crops that were not regulated but now every hemp product that hits the shelves in The Other Path will require a COA (certificate of analysis) showing that the hemp that is being sold is clean and clear of pesticides, heavy metals or any other foreign contaminants that would make it unsafe for consumption

Delta-8 THC has become a buzz word product in the cannabis industry due to it being touted as “legal THC’’ but what is it? Why would someone use it and what is the benefit of using it vs other delta9 derived products?

Let's talk about it!

Delta-8 THC is a minor cannabinoid with trace amounts of it being found in cannabis and hemp and it shares a lot of similar characteristics to that of Delta-9 THC (which is the most common form of THC found in the cannabis plant) but it differs in one key element in that it has a stronger chemical bond on the eighth carbon and not the ninth, and while this is a very small variant this small molecular difference, accounts for vastly different experiences.

"How will it make me feel?"

Many have compared the effect to feeling similar to CBD, CBDA, THCA and other non-psychoactive or mildly psychoactive cannabinoids in that it helps with anxiety, nausea and is known to be an appetite stimulant. Delta-8 has a slightly lower psych activity compared to Delta-9-THC which can be advantageous for consumers looking to get into cannabis but are worried about getting “too high” or consuming too much

"Where does it come from?"

Reputable extraction of delta-8 is difficult considering it only shows up in cannabis and hemp flower in quantities of less than 1% so a very high level of care must be taken to source safe and clean products extractors use a process called thin film distillation which is used to remove the chemical compound from the plant material using heat while this process may sound simple it can be costly and requires very expensive equipment which is why companies are starting to look into another way of attaining delta-8 By synthesizing the compound from CBD isolate via the isomerization process You’re able to convert CBD into Delta-8 because they share the same molecular formula but a different arrangement of atoms and by this process you can create delta-8 “Synthetic” inherently sounds negative but it’s actually a fairly easy process and the term “synthetic” is only being used because technically you’re taking one chemical and turning it into another which isn’t occurring naturally thus the term

“Is Delta-8 legal? Can it be shipped?”

There’s an important distinction that needs to be made about where the delta-8 is derived in that if it’s derived from hemp and still falls within the definition of less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC it is technically considered legal which is why you’ll be able to find it online or in headshops and the same principle applies with shipping as well

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