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Bear Blend – Moon – Herbal Cigarettes

Bear Blend – Moon – Herbal Cigarettes

The Moon Ceremonial Blend is our most magical blend. With a medium effect, the Moon brings balance and calmness with hints of rose and lavender.

Active Herbs: Rose Petals, Motherwort, St. John’s Wort, Holy Basil. 

Our new Herbal Cigarettes are made with 100% natural Hemp paper and filter*. These are Nicotine-free and additive-free.  Each tin comes packed with 10 cigarettes, with each cigarette containing 0.8g-1g of Moon. Bear Blend Herbal Cigarettes come in a sleek flip-top tin, perfect for sharing and passing to the left.

* The Hemp papers do not contain any traceable amounts of THC or CBD.


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