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Bong Buddy is the only bong lighter holder with a retractable leash to always keep your lighter where you need it! This bong lighter accessory is a must-have for any glass connoisseur. If you smoke a water pipe daily, you need a Bong Buddy! We all know the inconvenience of always missing lighters. What about when you’re passing your piece to a friend but always forgetting the light? Solved.

No more looking for a lighter and no more lighter thieves! Fits on virtually every size bong. Simply insert a Bic or equivalent lighter, wrap the silicone band around the tube of your pipe, and smoke with ease! Bong Buddy is glass-safe and customer-approved! The best bong lighter accessory around.

“Bong Buddy is basically a lighter leash for your bong. Whenever you’re ready to spark up, your trusty lighter will always be within reach.” –Herb

“We all hate that moment when were getting ready to settle down with our favorite water pipe and then we have to spend precious time looking for our lighters. Well, Bong Buddy has solved the problem. They provide a retractable lighter leash to go on your water pipe. ” –The HotBox Magazine

**Lighter not included *Patent Pending


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