CBD + CBG Prerolls by Puffs for the Public

CBD + CBG Prerolls by Puffs for the Public


-Passion orange, berries, pine

-Calming, stress relief, mood boost, chill


Total Cannabinoids 18.7% / CBD 9.8% / CBG 7.8 % / THC < .3%

Whether it’s the kids screaming for the meatloaf or your partner asking where they put their keys for the fifth time, this perfectly crafted blend is for you. If your me time is anything from taking a bath to a solo hike then we’ve got you covered. Find your Me Time!


-Passion orange, Sour apple jolly rancher

-Calming, Unwind, Sleepy


Total Cannabinoids 15.2% / CBD 6.7% / CBG 6.7% / THC < .3%

Put on your favorite tunes and your onesie and light up a roll of relaxation. This blend was created to melt your stress away and melt you into the couch. You deserve to get cozy in your Comfy Pants.


-Passion Orange, Sour lime, Gummy bears

-Creativity, Calming, focus

-All day

Total Cannabinoids 18.9% / CBD 10.9% / CBG 6.9% / THC < .3%

Packed full of inspiration, this blend is meant to get your creativity flowing. If you got writer's block, feel stagnant or just need a fresh take, this is the pre-roll for you. Grab your tools of the trade, find your zone and spark your inspiration.


-Tropical fruit, gas, almonds

-Stress relief, chatty, social

-Day time/afternoon

Total Cannabinoids 15.3% / CBD 7.4% / CBG 6% / THC < .3%

This delicious blend is quickly becoming the shop favorite. With its potent tropical, gassy flavors and the wonderfully social head change, this blend is great for kicking back and talking story all day.


-Sour lemon, gas, kiwi, almonds

-Stress relief, head change, social


-Available in pre-rolls and CBG/CBD Combo flower bags

Total Cannabinoids 15% / CBD 7.4% / CBG 6% / THC < .3%

This epic blend is the perfect recipe to knock off the edge, take a walk around the neighborhood, kick back with friends, and let the good times roll. Cheers! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Our flower combo bags are filled with hand-trimmed CBD & CBG flower and is sealed in oxygen-purged bags at the perfect humidity to ensure the freshest flower possible. We also add in a moisture pack, for good measure!


Our CBD/CBG pre-roll blends are filled with nothing but whole hemp flower, not shake. The flower (bud) is hand-harvested and hand-selected for superior quality and cannabinoid content. All pre-rolls come wrapped in organic hemp paper for a smooth clean flavor and even burn and are then sealed in a glass cork topped tube for perfect terpene retention. All of our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.


– Hemp Flower, Organic Unbleached Hemp Paper.


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