Dozo Mushroom – THCA Pre Rolls 1.5G

Dozo Mushroom – THCA Pre Rolls 1.5G

Dive into innovation with our groundbreaking THC A Diamond prerolls, enhanced with Mushroom Extract. Witness an exceptional journey as we unite the power of THC A diamonds and the intriguing allure of mushroom extract.

Submerge into an exceptional high like never before. Our proprietary blend of muscimol and THC A promises a euphoric state, an irresistible hint of trippiness, and a realm of expanded consciousness.

  • Content: Each pack includes 2 prerolls, each containing 1.5g of high-quality ingredients.
  • Effects: Moon Monkey Sativa prerolls usher in robust and long-lasting effects. As you immerse yourself in the uplifting and energizing world of Sativa, expect waves of creativity and focus that will redefine your day. Experience the exceptional blend of Moon Monkey, delivering a journey of invigoration and heightened productivity.


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