Flintt Mints – The Cure For Cottonmouth (0MG THC)

Flintt Mints – The Cure For Cottonmouth (0MG THC)

Experience the refreshing mint flavor of Flintt Mints while saying goodbye to dry mouth. These mints are specially formulated to provide relief and hydration, making them the perfect solution for those experiencing cottonmouth. With zero THC content, you can enjoy the benefits without any psychoactive effects. Don't let dry mouth dampen your day – grab a pack of Flintt Mints and feel refreshed!

Cool Watermelon F Strength 100

Faint sparkle and gentle mouth watering effect.

Cool Watermelon is complex and refreshing. Not too sweet. Delicate mint finish.  

Late Summer vibes.

Cherry F Strength 150

Mellow sparkle and mouth watering effect.

Black cherry has an earthy sweetness and is also a little bit tart. 

Early Autumn vibes.


Mint F Strength 200

Medium sparkle and mouth watering effect.

Spearmint that cools what it touches. Breath-freshening.

Winter Vibes.


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