Snapz – Blueberry / Menthol

Snapz – Blueberry / Menthol

SNAPZ is a fast-growing CBD brand known for its organic, California-grown hemp CBD cigarettes. These hemp CBD cigarettes feature a unique dual-flavor capsule filter, which delivers tasty flavors and provides on-demand flavor options for consumers. The testing process uses microbial techniques to ensure the highest level of quality and safety. For those who enjoy hemp cigarettes and a little extra flavor we are proud to offer Snapz as a source for high-quality CBD products.

Enjoy superior quality and premium flavor with Snapz Hemp CBD Cigarettes.

Snapz CBD Cigarettes are made with organic, California-grown hemp flower and feature dual-flavor capsule filters which allows users to choose from 4 flavor options per cigarette: regular (natural), blueberry, menthol, or blueberry menthol mix!


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