Sow Eden – Bloom Damask Rose Whipped Body Butter


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Our 150 mg CBD-infused whipped body butter can help relieve pain and inflammation, while providing a luxurious experience for all skin types. The organic virgin coconut and shea nut butter base provide the deepest level of nourishment for dehydrated and damaged skin / hair. We have scented BLOOM with a rare essential oil from Bulgaria, a Damask Rose-Otto (Rosa damascena). This true essential oil is steam distilled from hundreds of thousands of delicate rose petals cultivated organically in the Bulgarian countryside. Imagine the fragrance of over one-thousand rose blossoms in a single jar. If you’re a rose fanatic, our BLOOM Whipped CBD Body Butter is an absolute must have! This intoxicating scent promotes emotional balance and wellness, calms the mind, body and spirit, and pairs harmoniously with the healing properties of CBD.


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