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As 420 approaches, The Other Path CBD Dispensary is here to guide you on a journey of natural healing and joyful discovery. Our dedication to providing the highest-quality, laboratory-tested, eco-friendly CBD and functional mushroom products is unwavering. This 420, we’re celebrating the plant that brings us closer to wellness with exclusive deals and discounts that will illuminate your path to health and happiness.

Not to mention, it’s our THIRD YEAR anniversary! Because of you, we’re able to keep our doors open to everyone who seeks a healthier, more natural way of living. To show our gratitude, we’re offering our biggest sales yet — 20% OFF store-wide! So don’t miss out on this opportunity to stock up on all your favorite products and experience the benefits of CBD and functional mushrooms for yourself.


What is 4/20?

4/20 is a day to celebrate cannabis culture and its incredible journey towards acceptance and holistic health. It’s a time to reflect on the plant’s many benefits and how it can help us live more harmoniously with nature.

How did 4/20 start?

The term “420” originated with a group of high school students in the 1970s, known as the “Waldos,” who would meet at 4:20 PM to partake in their quest for a hidden cannabis crop. Though they never found the crop, they did discover a lasting legacy.

Who invented 4/20?

While the “Waldos” are credited with the term, the widespread celebration of 4/20 as a day dedicated to cannabis has been embraced by communities worldwide, evolving into a symbol of wellness and natural healing.

Where can I get 4/20 dispensary deals and discounts?

Right here at The Other Path! We’re excited to offer exclusive deals and discounts this 4/20, tailored to elevate your wellness routine and bring a spark of joy to your holistic journey.

When is 4/20?

April 20th is the day we unite in celebration of cannabis and its power to heal, inspire, and connect us to the earth and to each other. Join us in embracing the holistic benefits of CBD and functional mushrooms this 4/20.

Embrace Your Journey with The Other Path

At The Other Path, we believe your body is your temple, and we are dedicated to helping you listen to what it needs. This 4/20, let’s celebrate the gifts of nature, the power of wellness, and the holistic health journey together. Explore our curated collection of CBD and functional mushroom products and discover the path that leads you to your best self.

Prepare for a 420 filled with discovery, healing, and natural bliss. We can’t wait to share our exclusive deals and discounts with you!

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