CBD For Pets: Your New Best Friend

Why Do We Need CBD For Pets?

For many, July 4th signifies summer. Cultural celebrations of picnics, BBQs, and beach days are finished with an evening of fireworks in the night sky. Unfortunately, not every member of the family loves this celebration. In many instances, pets can experience such intense anxiety they may hurt themselves or become lost in what they are experiencing as chaos.

According to the ASPCA, there is a 30% uptick of lost pets on July 5th, and sadly the statistic for the reunion is low. An estimated 15-20% of dogs are reunited with their families after getting lost on July 4th, and only 2% of cats make it back home.

How CBD Helps

Stress begins in the Limbic system of the brain. This system is also responsible for emotions, fear, and anxiety. Fireworks, in particular, can be an intense trigger for anxiety because sudden loud noises can release adrenaline and stress hormones in this system which communicates to our pets – run!

So how can CBD help? Like all mammals, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system comprised of interconnected cannabinoid receptors.

This is where CBD for pets comes into play. CBD can act in multiple areas of the brain associated with anxiety to calm spontaneous anxiety and reduce the conditioned fear response associated with traumatic stress. This happens with a process called cell signaling – essentially, the CBD provides a calming signal to hyper-activated neurons in the brain. The CBD uses the endocannabinoid system to balance the levels of stress and anxiety in our pets.

CBD for dogs separation anxiety

According to CBDmd, your pet will have a high chance of separation anxiety due to the fireworks or your being home so much during quarantine.

Separation anxiety “can be more common in rescue or shelter dogs or certain breeds (Labs, Shepherds, Chihuahuas, and Spaniels). Specific events can also set it off:

  • Being left alone for the first time (common in puppies)
  • Being left alone after being used to constant companionship
  • Feeling abandoned, like being left at a boarding kennel or coming from a shelter
  • Changing household routine or structure, or the loss of a family member or another pet.”

Get Ready for Those Fireworks

Ready to try a CBD for pets this 4th of July? If your pet is already prone to anxiety, it can be helpful to begin administering small doses the week prior and increase as necessary to the day of. The fastest absorption method is directly in your pet’s mouth; however, picky pets may be more receptive when it’s added to their food. We would advise against adding to water, as the carrier oil will cause the product to sit at the surface because oil cannot break water’s hydrogen bonds.

Dosage will vary on the size of the pet and how severe their anxiety is. If your pet is on any traditional medication, it would be best to check with your vet to ensure that the CBD won’t counteract the effects of their current treatment. Typically, each product will recommend starting with the lowest dose possible and increasing the dosage according to your pet’s weight. The worst thing that can happen from taking too much CBD for pets is that your pet will become sleepy and lethargic. This will pass! But it’s best to try to avoid that as it is uncomfortable for them.

Although CBD for pets is a newer idea, the products we source are created by veterinarians who care deeply about animals and want the best for them. All products have certifications of analysis revealing all test results; this is absolutely vital to the health and wellness of your furry friends! Ask our consultant to see the COAs, and we will provide them for you.

Not sure where to start? Come on by The Other Path and talk with our Hemp-CBD Academics about which CBD for pets product we would recommend for your pet and for you too! We can also ship nationwide, so you can give the gift of CBD to your loved ones no matter where they live!

Also, feel free to live chat with one of our consultants online to get the best CBD for pets recommendation for you and your furry loved ones. We’re online every day from 10 am to 6 pm PT.

Dog CBD for pets tincture


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