With the legalization of cannabis in several parts of the United States, we are uncovering more about the health benefits that were heavily silenced in years gone by. The Other Path views CBD as one of the most effective holistic approaches to medicine, and so do the many dispensaries that line almost every street corner in the state of California.

Many other countries have become more cannabis-friendly as more people become aware of the benefits, and the world is now seeing an uptick in sales of cannabis-related products, such as CBD.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an extracted part of the cannabis plant that does not cause a “high” or psychoactive effect. CBD has reached epic proportions of popularity in recent times. A host of CBD products are marketed both within and outside the health sector. This compound comes in many different forms, such as drops, edibles, gummies, and chocolate brittle. Carl’s Jr., the famous fast-food chain, has gotten in on the CBD trend and has created a burger with a CBD-infused sauce.

The human body naturally has what is called an endocannabinoid system. This part of the body interacts positively with CBD products and supplements to promote good metabolism and a general feeling of wellness.

How Is CBD Different From Marijuana?

CBD comes from a type of cannabis plant called hemp, which has lower levels of THC. The federal government legalized CBD in 2018 due to the mounting evidence of its therapeutic and healing attributes. CBD does not impart a hallucinogenic or psychoactive feeling.

Another common type of cannabis plant is marijuana, which has much higher levels of THC. This higher percentage of THC accounts for the “high” or psychoactive property associated with cannabis. Medical marijuana is legal in 36 states, with only 17 states legalizing it for recreational purposes. At the federal level, marijuana is still prohibited even though both hemp and marijuana contain CBD.

Is Cannabidiol Legal?

Yes, cannabidiol is legal. CBD has been legal since December 2018 at the federal level due to the discovery of its tremendous health benefits. However, the FDA is careful to monitor all products that are marketed as cannabis, including CBD products, to ensure that regulations are complied with and that companies do not produce or mix cannabis products in a manner that transgresses the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). The FDA strives to protect consumer health and wellbeing and affords access to an abundance of information regarding CBD to the general public and the business sector.

Cannabidiol Health Benefits

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

CBD can have many positive effects, such as easing anxiety, fighting depression, and even helping pets to relax. For chronic sufferers of these mental ailments, CBD is a welcomed mood aid and regulator.

Pain and Inflammation Relief

CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug, and it works to reduce swelling and pain of the muscles or joints. Chronic pain sufferers praise CBD for making their pain levels more manageable or taking it away altogether.

Improved Injury Recovery

CBD is a huge contender even in sports medicine due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Athletes take CBD to help them train better and recover from training and injuries faster.

Nausea Relief

CBD is a great cure for nausea that might stem from motion sickness, balance issues, or an upset stomach.

Appetite Suppression

CBD controls appetite and cravings, which could help treat eating disorders. This compound can assist those who need to monitor their food intake carefully due to diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In general, CBD is excellent at managing other compulsive behaviors.

Improved Heart Health

CBD reduces blood pressure, consequently lowering the stress placed on the valves, vessels, and atria of the heart. Hypertension patients could possibly benefit from routine use of CBD.

Insomnia Relief

Insomnia can be a result of anxiety, other mental disorders, or the use of potent prescription drugs. CBD encourages peacefulness, which helps with falling asleep and staying asleep for longer. Insomniacs who are looking for a way to wean themselves off prescription sleeping drugs with nasty side effects and potential habit-forming properties can use CBD.

Addiction/Drug Abuse Recovery

CBD mitigates the withdrawal symptoms of opiates and other hard drugs. This compound eases, soothes, and diminishes pain, tingling, and suffering that is customary of withdrawals. CBD also helps rewire a brain that is plagued with thoughts of resuming drug use, anxiety over not having access to drugs, and the depression or anger that could ensue if the individual cannot obtain their drug of choice.

Osteoporosis and Bone Recovery

man having osteoporosis

For the same reason it is given to athletes to aid in their recovery, CBD is given to the elderly and others who have osteoporosis. CBD fights pain related to bone disease, and it also promotes cellular repair and the growth of bone structure.

PTSD Relief

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) demands adequate attention to ensure victims regain a semblance of normalcy in their lives. With its relaxing effects, CBD can be instrumental in managing PTSD.

Recreational Use

People use CBD as a source of recreation and socialization because it promotes happiness and clarity of mind.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Researchers are still looking into the possible uses of CBD as a cancer-fighting agent, but at the very least, we know that it is a means of coping with the side effects of cancer.


Our fur babies can reap the benefits of CBD, too. Do you have an anxious dog that you need to be calm on a road trip? CBD just might help. A few drops of a pet-grade CBD oil in a water bowl can ease pain or discomfort, especially for older pets. Speak with your vet and find out if CBD pet oils, such as Trulieve, are right for your pet.

Improved Side Effects of Neurodegenerative Disorders

CBD combats the side effects of certain neurodegenerative disorders. Parkinson’s, which is characterized by extreme shakiness of the hands and a slow loss of motor skills, is one such disorder that CBD is used for. Parkinson’s is caused by both genetic and exogenous factors, and irritability and depression often manifest in patients living with this disease. CBD increases dopamine and other feel-good hormones that are responsible for movement, speech, and regulating mood.

Business and Religion Connections

CBD sales is a means of livelihood for many, but for others, it is connected to spiritualism, rituals, and religious practices.

What Happens When You Mix Cannabidiol with Alcohol?

The research on mixing CBD and alcohol is still in the infant stages. So far, not too many people seem to have experienced adverse reactions to alcohol paired with CBD, but as a general point of caution, the following information should be considered.

CBD and alcohol could potentiate or strengthen each other. The effects may last longer and become more intense than if you were to consume only one or the other.

Alcohol blocks enzymes that are ingested or naturally occur in the body from working properly and breaking down cannabinoids. If these enzymes are prohibited from doing their job, CBD stays in the system until alcohol levels drop.

Mixing CBD and alcohol is unlikely to give you that overly euphoric or “high” sensation that you may experience from a combination of marijuana and alcohol. The phenomenon known as a “crossfade” or a “cannabis crossfade” is more synonymous with combining marijuana and alcohol and can wreak havoc depending on your tolerance level.

Everyone is different, however, and should take any advice regarding CBD with a grain of salt.

You may be sleepier if you mix CBD and alcohol, as CBD is a natural sedative and alcohol is also known to make one tired or more relaxed. When both are combined, sedation may be significantly more pronounced.

How to Prevent a Bad Reaction From Mixing Alcohol and CBD

man having hangover after bad reaction from alcohol and cbd

If you are going to mix CBD and alcohol, choose a type of alcohol that you have consumed before and feel comfortable enough with. The same goes for the type, strain, or form of CBD that you use. Make sure you are familiar with the form of CBD and know the usual symptoms to expect.

Also, avoid edibles if it is your first time trying a mix of alcohol and CBD. In fact, indica is said to have better synergy with alcohol consumption.

Finally, be sparing when mixing the two. Try a little at a time to build up your tolerance and get your body used to any new sensation.

What to Do if You Mix CBD and Alcohol

Due to the high sedative properties of both CBD and alcohol, you should not operate heavy machinery after taking a mixture of the two substances. If you are out with friends, have a designated driver who can take you and anyone else safely home.

Do not make any plans to complete important tasks after you use CBD and alcohol together. You’ll quite likely be too exhausted to complete them anyway.

Be aware that mixing CBD and alcohol could lower your blood pressure, which can lead to dizziness and even fainting. If you are lightheaded, call for help or rest with your legs at an incline (above your heart/chest level) so that blood can flow back to your heart and brain.

Also, be prepared to feel the exact way you normally would when you drink. Some people tolerate more alcohol than others. Some feel sluggish the day after or have gastrointestinal discomfort. However, you could also feel perfectly normal.

CBD and Alcohol Hangovers

CBD may reduce nausea that tends to accompany a hangover, and it could also reduce the headaches and malaise of drinking too much. In essence, CBD could negate most, if not all, of the side effects of drinking alcohol.

CBD and Alcohol Withdrawal

The research on CBD still needs time for the science to grow and develop into a comprehensive body of knowledge. Based on the therapeutic nature of CBD, however, one can assume that CBD might be a way of decreasing alcohol dependency by interrupting habit-forming behaviors and helping those who are going through a withdrawal.


CBD has several health benefits, namely fighting insomnia, aiding bone repair, and increasing healing and recovery rates. Consuming CBD with alcohol may or may not cause adverse reactions. Some reactions to look out for are drowsiness and a dip in blood pressure.

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