CBD Oil For Migraines: A Complete Guide

As users and legislators continue to push for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use nationwide, products containing CBD (cannabidiol) have grown popular.

Unfortunately, claims about the health benefits of these products are everywhere, making it hard to separate the legitimate medical research from the marketing and hype.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of CBD oil for migraines. We also distinguish between CBD and related, but quite different, chemicals such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and summarize CBD oil’s current research and future potential to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD serves as the natural defense system for hemp and cannabis plants. Like THC, it has become an essential part of alternative and conventional medicine. 

As efforts to legalize cannabis (marijuana) and improve understanding continue, researchers and users have become more open to discussing the health benefits of CBD and THC.

The fact that we can obtain CBD oil from hemp is important because hemp contains almost no THC.

This means that consumers (and lawmakers) who worry about the recreational use of marijuana do not have to worry about CBD oil that comes from hemp.

CBD Oil’s Effect on the Body

man feeling good after taking cbd oil

We don’t know all the details about how CBD oil affects the body, partly because CBD oil itself has not been the subject of much scientific study until recently.

Marijuana’s classification as a controlled substance has slowed efforts to study cannabis, and interest in hemp has only recently begun to grow.

Although research has been ongoing, many users of CBD oil have reported positive effects, including:

The internet boasts many stories of individuals finding relief through CBD oil, but anecdotal claims about the benefits of CBD do not constitute medical advice. Consult your doctor before taking CBD oil for migraines, anxiety, or other ailments.

CBD Oil’s Effect on the Mind

CBD oil does not have psychoactive properties. CBD oil does not have the same effects on behavior and thinking as THC because THC and CBD act differently in the body.

THC directly triggers cannabinoid receptors in the brain, while CBD activates different receptors

Research has shown that CBD oil affects the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain, which could be a reason for its reported antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Is CBD Oil the Same as Medical Marijuana?

small marijuana leaf growing in a soil

Many people view all products relating to hemp and cannabis as essentially the same. When they hear the word “cannabinoid,” they think of cannabis (marijuana), bringing to mind the legal battle over marijuana that has raged for the better part of a century and the propaganda that came with it. 

CBD oil is part of medical marijuana because the cannabis plant contains both CBD and THC compounds. However, the reverse is not true. CBD oil does not contain THC (or might contain only trace amounts).

As a result, CBD does not contain psychoactive chemicals and does not cause a “high” as you might get from using cannabis.

CBD Oil for Migraines and Chronic Pain

Medical and scientific research on the pain relief effects of CBD oil is ongoing. Currently, there are no conclusive effects of CBD oil in isolation.

Several factors make it difficult to draw broad conclusions about the effectiveness of CBD oil on pain, including:

It would be a mistake to dismiss or take entirely at face value the claim that CBD oil relieves chronic pain from migraines. Research suggests CBD oil for migraines may be effective, but we have a long way to go on the road to discovering all of the benefits and other effects of CBD.

What Are Migraines?

woman having migraines at work

Migraines are more than headaches. The symptoms of migraines can include nausea, vomiting, visual problems, cognitive difficulties, and emotional changes.

You might become constipated or retain fluid. Treatment of migraines must address chronic pain and many other symptoms. 

What Causes Migraines?

Researchers continue to investigate the cause of migraines. While there are many prescription medications and home remedies, no one treatment can eliminate migraines.

Until scientists identify the reasons for migraines and develop specific therapies to target those underlying causes, treatment mainly focuses on reducing symptoms.

People with migraines have sought relief through both conventional and alternative treatments. Meditation, yoga, biofeedback, and other treatments which might not be FDA-approved for migraines nevertheless give patients the chance to find the technique that works for them.

Is CBD Oil an Effective Treatment for Migraines?

cbd oils in a white background

CBD oil is not yet an FDA-approved treatment for migraines, but CBD supplements are a popular choice for migraine treatment. 

The American Migraine Foundation points out that there is no evidence that CBD reduces migraine pain or other symptoms.

They stress that if patients take CBD oil for migraines or other conditions, they should inform their doctor or another healthcare professional, allowing the doctor to anticipate any interactions or side effects.

Should You Take CBD Oils for Migraines? 

That depends on your approach to migraine treatment. If you are looking for a medical treatment that eradicates migraines, like turning off a light switch, you might be better off waiting for new clinical trials and new drugs to emerge from the FDA approval pipeline. 

CBD oil might be right for you if you consider a holistic combination of medicine, diet, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

It has only mild side effects, is not psychoactive, and is legal in many states (although you should check your state’s laws to understand any restrictions that your state might apply to the sale or possession of CBD oil).

If CBD oil works for you, search for a supplement company that you can trust for consistent products made from high-quality materials. When you start taking CBD oil, be alert for any signs of side effects.

Remember that some side effects might immediately occur while others might build up over time.

Other Treatments for Migraines

CBD oil may help if you cannot find relief from typical treatments. Below, we have listed a few strategies you can also keep in mind to help reduce migraine pain:

  • Avoid stress, and practice managing your stress levels.
  • Avoid inflammatory triggers like alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.
  • Avoid looking at bright lights.
  • Allow yourself plenty of sleep.

If these tips prove insufficient for helping with your migraines, you might consider CBD oil. 

How Do I Choose the Best CBD Oil Product for Me?

hand holding a pipette of cbd oil

While the scientists resolve whether CBD oil works for people in general, you might be wondering whether CBD oil can help you with your migraines in the meantime.

The Other Path CBD Store sells many of the best brands of CBD oil-infused products, but what is the best way to find the product that works best for you?

Experiment with Different Brands and Dosages and Observe How it Affects You

Products differ in terms of how they administer CBD oil, the concentration of CBD oil, and what other ingredients they contain in addition to CBD, so they might each affect you differently.

Start with a low dose to ensure that it doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects. Try a slightly higher dose if a product does not relieve your migraines. 

Consider Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Many products contain broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD. This means the product contains other chemicals such as terpenes and THC. Many of the products in full-spectrum CBD products potentially have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Keep in mind that products that contain THC might not be legal in all states and may face more regulation than products that contain CBD alone.

Research the Purity of the CBD products and Read Reviews

Many companies subject their products to independent purity tests to reassure their customers that they get precisely what it says on the label.

While you can trust The Other Path CBD Store to select only the best natural supplements, testing from a third party provides an additional level of security.

You might find common ground with other customers by reading reviews. For instance, if you’ve tried a product and had an unusual reaction, you might find other people have had the same experience and found another product that worked better.

Get Top-Quality CBD Oil From The Other Path CBD Store

an oil drop with ripples

The Other Path CBD Store partners with reputable suppliers of CBD products to provide our customers with high-quality oils, cigarettes, teas, candies, gummies, and more.

We provide various products with different concentrations of CBD to help you find the one that works the best for you.

We want you to understand the potential of CBD oil for migraines and other conditions and find a combination of supplements and accessories that help you overcome unpleasant symptoms.

You can reach The Other Path CBD Store by sending a message to us using our online contact form or calling 818-825-2739.

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