Written by The Higher Path Budtender, Rocky

The Other Path Hemp CBD flower seemed like a waste of time for me, a true stoner. But, I decided to give it a shot since I need to take a tolerance break anyway and I’ve been smoking a *little* bit too much THC since the holiday season started.

Why did we try The Other Path hemp CBD flower?

The dynamic for consumption at my home is all over the place. We both love a little head change throughout the week but we are strongest on opposites ends of different products. I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and my wife has always had a refined pallet for different spirits. On the other hand, I am more or less the Cannabis Sommelier and her tolerance is pretty much non-existent. This is unfortunate because she has enjoyed the ritual of smoking with me before bed in the past, but for some reason, she can’t partake without severe anxiety now.

1. CBD helps with being too high, or not wanting to get high

She’s told me that when she gets high, whether it’s potent or not, a Sativa or Indica, she always struggles with being too “in her head” and eventually has a bad time. The compromise we have found as of late is grinding up and rolling some CBD flower into a nice little joint for us to share.

The nice thing about this is that aside from the usual high, we both enjoy the act of smoking a joint while receiving the relaxing benefits of The Other Path hemp CBD flower and avoiding any potential anxiety. I, of course, still partake in something with some kick like a dab or my own personal joint with some high-testing THC and terpene-rich flower, such as the Og Kush Premium 1/8 from The Higher Path.

2. CBD is known to help with anxiety

I’ve said this before, but introducing CBD into the mix when getting high can really help temper the high and prevent any anxiety, paranoia, or just getting too high in general. I usually equate this to bumpers on a bowling alley in that, no matter what, you’re gonna have fun and everything is going to stay on track.

The Other Path Hemp CBD Flower

The main thing I enjoy about The Other Path hemp CBD flower is that even though smoking cannabis is relaxing both mentally and physically I don’t always feel like I can let go of certain thoughts, such as a confrontation that may have taken place earlier that day or an upcoming deadline, and the CBD flower really helps target that part of my mentality and helps fully calm me down.

I’ve also found it to be a nice substitute for taking the edge off during the day. I used to take small smoke breaks throughout the day if I got ruffled or worked up; the issue with this is that I’d also find myself in some cases higher than I’d like to be and it could throw my entire day off.

3. CBD is great during the day for staying focused

While I may not get the little buzz I’m used to, smoking The Other Path hemp CBD flower has been a great relief during the day with stress and frustration, while allowing me to retain my faculties and continue on with my day. Going back to my relationship with consumption and my wife, the CBD flower has really given us a new way to hang out and enjoy something that we both can enjoy at a similar pace — unlike cannabis or alcohol.

If you’re looking to switch up your consumption or just dip your toes into a little vibe change, the hemp CBD flower at The Other Path is a great way to go! They can’t ship smokeable products, unfortunately, so you’ll need to be in Los Angeles for a pickup. They also carry a huge selection of glass pieces, pipes, and rolling papers for your CBD flower needs!